Hi there

I'm Miguel Torres

Web Developer Physicist Safe Driver

About Me

Working hard to reach new opportunities in the US my new country. I am already getting paid for coding, that is awesome. I started with HTML 4 years ago and now I am proud of all the amazing things that I am able to connect. I am traveling with my girlfriend a lot, which is like a lifestyle, I recently move to Jax leaving behind Miami, and I am falling in love with my new place. Now, looking for new job opportunities.


Here are a few cool things about me


I have worked as a delivery person in many places in Miami, I hate traffic but I love tips. My 2013 ford focus that we called Wilfredo died, but he helped me a lot, I earned a little money thanks to him.


I earned a master's degree in Physics while working with numerical methods and Condensed matter. I know a few things about bosons and fermions, but they are hard to track.

Focus your Brain

I created a Facebook group during the pandemic time that went viral in Cuba. It was about humor and politics and on occasions, it was the aim of the Cuban regime. We met nice people there and share a lot of fun as well.


Here a few milestones in my education

University - La Habana, 2013

Coming from the countryside I arrived in the Habana to follow my passion for physics. Loop ( Changes...Math...Physics...Programming)

Bachelor - La habana, 2018

I finished Nuclear Physics degree. My thesis was on the ionization effect on ceramic elements by gamma radiation. I did a lot of Monte Carlo simulations.

Institute of Physics. Mexico, 2018

I started to work with Numerical Methods, Statistics, and Advanced Physics. Loop ( Events, friends, research)

Master Degree. Mexico, 2021

I ended up with some good research on Faraday patterns in Einstein condensates. I had a lot of fun and so did my advisor.

Coding became the most important. Miami, 2021.

I was hard to get used to the new life in Miami, but I found the space to learn and grow.

First Big Project. Miami, 2023

I had been working in differents personal project until I started to get some freelance work and get paid for it. I am still learning and growing.